Wynonna To Perform at the Glema Center Feb. 6

Wynonna and the Big NoiseEveryone has a story to tell. For Wynonna Judd, her stories have always been told through music with one of the most influential and important voices of our generation.

Wynonna will take the stage at the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts on Saturday, February 6 at 7:30 pm. You’ll hear tales from an iconic artist who has met extraordinary people and been blessed with amazing opportunities throughout her unparalleled 32-year career. Come experience incomparable artistry as she and her band take you on a musical journey starting at the beginning with her mom as The Judds to her illustrious solo career to unprecedented new music from Wynonna & The Big Noise.

Tickets are $38 and $33. Visit the Glema Center online or call (270) 821-2787.