Soapbox Derby

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Madisonville, KY

The Local Race program is held once a year and is restricted to children living in particular city or area. Madisonville will hold its local race in June. The winner in each division will qualify to race at the World Championships in Akron, Ohio. The Rally Race program is a series of races held all over the United States and other countries from August 1st each year to the following May 31st of the next year. During the designated race season, the racers accumulate points in hopes to qualify for the World Championships. The top 5 -6 point earners from each of the 12 regions are chosen to compete. We are in Region 12 which includes Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

The Super Kids race programs are for those children with special needs. They are partner with an experienced driver to compete in a two-person car. These races are held once a year during the in October. The winner of the annual Super Kids race also qualifies to compete in Akron.

Soap Box Derby racing is more that a sport. It exposes children to the educational concepts regarding aerodynamics, weight distribution, math, gravity and sportsmanship from this competitive activity. It isn’t just pointing the car toward the finish line. They have a coach who has studied the track and the child relies on advice to drive each lane based on weather conditions. The goal is to reach the finish line with the fastest time which may not always be a straight line. Physics and geometry collide sometimes.