Dawson Springs Designated Trail Town

Dawson Springs, Ky has recently been named the commonwealth’s first Trail Town.  First Lady Jane Beshear was in town on May 9 to address the city in regards to their recent designation.  As a result of the Trail Town designation, tourism, jobs and community involvement will hopefully increase.  Mayor Jenny Sewell recently spoke with the Hopkins County Tourist & Convention Commission board about Dawson Springs Trail Town designation and their advantages over most trail towns.  The Pennyrile State Park is in their backyard and there are many naturally occurring trails.  There are many previously established walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding trails and water trails in the area.  Dawson Springs spent time mapping the trails, adding signage and clearing additional trails that were inaccessible due to over growth of vegetation.  There is hope that many more trails will be established as time goes along.  The mayor hopes to create a kiosk where visitors can come to one central location in Dawson Springs to get maps and directions to all of the trails in the area.  For more information visit the City of Dawson Springs website at http://dawsonspringsky.com/trails/PlayHere.htm