NEW Nature Play Area opens at Mahr Park!

The City of Madisonville is pleased to announce the opening of the Mahr Park Arboretum Nature Play Area on Friday, December 3, 2021!

The Mahr Park Nature Play Area is a unique space to encourage children to interact with their environment through play. The play equipment was created using natural materials consisting of Douglas fir wood. Features include a custom log net climber, birds’ nest, 5-foot embankment slide chute, classic see-saw, quad swings, log steppers, giant rope swing, which includes a nest swing, long rope swing, and double swings, group spinner, log beam, custom mounds with bolder and tunnel features, and custom benches.

They have created a fun play area with natural elements such as boulders, native plants, and tunnels, encouraging children to be mindful of their natural environment. Another unique feature is the concrete paths that have been intertwined within the play area, making features more accessible and encouraging parents to be active while their children play.

Surrounding the Nature Play Area, they have included close to 300 native plants, which offer many sensory elements. Children are encouraged to interact with the plants and the different smells, touches, and colors they will discover. Standing tall among the area includes two show stopping 22-foot native Burr Oak trees, which will provide natural shade.

The centerpiece of the Nature Play Area is the “Circle of Peace” statue donated by Dr. Jack and Beverly Hamman, which invites all children to interact and take pictures with and represents interaction, respect, compassion, and each person as a vital element to the beautiful circle of life.

The nature play area could not be possible without the generous support of the City of  Madisonville Tourism, Community Improvement Foundation, Dr. Jack and Beverly Hamman, Mahr Park Charitable Trust, and donors. The City appreciates the time and hands of many city employees involved in this project and Gaston Engineering.

Every detail in the Nature Play Area is very purposeful and mindful of a natural environment. They hope this inspires children’s imaginations, increases the amount of time they want to spend outdoors. Finding a connection with nature at a young age can solidify a lasting love for the outdoors. They invite you to explore!